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My name is Steve Eskridge, and I welcome you to Beamaes Seafood Gumbo.  Bertha Mae Eskridge (my mother who passed away several years ago) was known for her delicious gumbo. I learned her secret on how to make it, and now want to share with the world her gumbo while honoring her legacy.  I hope you enjoy the gumbo as much as I do!

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Baemae’s started in the home of Bertha Mae Eskridge, the mother of Steve Eskridge and his siblings Pat, Clifton, Marian, Annie, Clarence, Jana, and Alfreda.  Steve used to watch his mother cook gumbo as a young boy and began making it himself in his older years. Needless to say, it has been one of his favorite dishes to cook. Steve has been spending most of his adulthood perfecting the Seafood Gumbo and has put it in front of many family members, friends and neighbors who have encouraged him to start selling the family gumbo.  With Steve’s mother passing away in 2017, he wanted to honor the memory of his late mom by starting Beamae’s Seafood Gumbo. 


Baemae’s is in the process of developing its first restaurant and mobile unit that is destined to be a sure hit with people of all ages.  This savory, red base roux, loaded with crab, hotlinks, tomatoes, assorted peppers, onions, celery, chicken drumettes, various size shrimps poured over long grain rice and for the Okra lovers that is available on the side. Add a hot cornbread muffin and you’re in for a real Gumbo treat! In addition to Beamae's delicious gumbo, Steve has a knack for baking homemade cupcakes that he learned to make from various family members on his wife Nichol's side of the house. Beamae's Sweet Treats will round out his menu and will be a for sure hit with everyone! 
Steve’s background as administrator, fund raiser, promoter, director, and concession stand manager with his childhood dream to own his own restaurant is his next chapter in life once he retires after many years in Athletics. With this awesome Gumbo, sweet treats, and cornbread muffins it is sure to be a success.
Currently, Beamae's is open for online orders and various event locations with the goal of launching his first mobile unit and stationary location.  In the meantime, visit the online menu for some delicious gumbo and sweet treats.  

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